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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash (via NLB)

Update: has become LinkedIn Learning and will no longer be available with NLB account from 29 December 2021 onwards.

A lot of Singaporeans probably don’t know this, but NLB has set up an organisation/ government account for Singaporeans (and probably PRs, but don’t quote me on that) for free access to the site. You can sign in via this site.

If you can’t open the link, just go to and sign in under “Sign in with your organization portal” and key in “” and you’ll be brought to the “Login using myLibrary ID” page.

You’ll find tons of useful courses from basics to professional and best of all? It’s free and easy!

SkillsFuture Credit claim- Udemy & Coursera

Update: Udemy will be available as NLB new eLearning resource and you can sign in with your NLB account via this link here (

Udemy and Coursera also offers a lot of useful courses, but you would have to pay for the course first and claim it from SkillsFuture (under “Submit a Claim”). In case you’re a Singaporean and not know about this (are you Patrick?), every Singaporean above 25 years old has a $500 credit claim for courses on the SkillsFuture list. It is not limited to online courses, or short term classes, but all levels of certification from Primary to Masters. If I’m not wrong when you use up the limit of $500, they will top it up every year so you can learn more the next year! /starry eyed/

Before you make the purchase though, you should probably check if the course is eligible for claim by searching on the list of courses on the site (after signing in).

Happy learning!




Human. Designer. Feels a lot. Thinks a lot. Writes sometime.

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Esther Teo

Esther Teo

Human. Designer. Feels a lot. Thinks a lot. Writes sometime.

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