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  • Kesavan radha

    Kesavan radha

    // UX designer, Digital artist

  • Lotte Bijlsma

    Lotte Bijlsma

    Digital Product Designer at Made with a passion for analog photography and type.

  • Ryan Gonzales

    Ryan Gonzales

    Zero to One Product and Design Leader. Over 15 years of product and design for startups and Fortune brands.

  • Dorjan Vulaj

    Dorjan Vulaj

    🖌 Solving problems with design, then writing articles for people who are in a rush. I value your time, and probably like me, you like reading on the go.

  • 9floor Coliving

    9floor Coliving

    9floor Coliving is a Taiwanese start-up founded in 2015. We aim to provide better living experiences through community, service & space design. ​

  • Jasmine Friedl

    Jasmine Friedl

    Design Director at Dropbox, Dabbler in Writing, Champagne Enthusiast

  • Pablo Stanley

    Pablo Stanley

    CEO and cofounder at Blush, bringing illustrations for everyone. https://blush.design/

  • GoodNotes


    We’re the makers of GoodNotes. We help people note down, shape and share their ideas with the world’s best-loved digital paper.

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