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Common sense, but not really.

“In everything you do, refine your skills and knowledge about fundamental concepts and simple cases. Once is never enough. As you revisit fundamentals, you will find new insights. It may appear that returning to basics is a step backward and requires additional time and effort; however, by building on firm…

The journey to happiness. Hint: It includes unhappiness.

Sharing positive vs negative information online.

I find topics on negative experiences or feelings a thing that people shun talking about because a) most people feel like it’ll seem as if they’re seeking attention, and b) people don’t have the patience to hear about your negative feelings because it doesn’t add value to their life.

A lame guide with some underlying insights because we take everything for granted.

I have this thing with a friend where we use a template for ranting. And I feel like people could adopt this, funny and ridiculous as it sounds.

PSA: I want to state that ranting (to someone) shouldn’t be a fall-back habit. …

As a fresh graduate, you might think that as long as there’s a company willing to hire you (especially after tons of rejections) you’re good to go. That’s what I thought too.

Photo by Proxyclick Visitor Management System on Unsplash

Consider what you want to learn or gain.

As a self-taught designer I had no idea what specific design career path I wanted to go on, especially at the start, so I took the first offer from a boss that trusted me enough to hire me. Eventually I got comfortable and I went to work every day doing…

Esther Teo

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